Free Tools for Entrepreneurs

Make a memorable introduction

positioning-infographic-thumbFREE Basic Positioning Template

This FREE Template will help you develop your “elevator pitch” to introduce your company to potential stakeholders. We use a proven framework developed over years of working with investors, venture firms and donors. It sounds and looks simple, and it is. But it’s harder than it looks.

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Validate your business idea

proof300xFREE Business Validation Checklist

Find out if your idea has traction. Find out if anyone wants to buy it first. Here’s a darn quick and easy way to validate your business idea and see if it’s worth pursuing or needs a bit of work. This is the smartest thing you can do — before you rush out and start investing in your idea.

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Pitch your business to investors

keystoawinningpreso_wideFREE Guide to a Successful Investor Presentation
More than 20 years experience helping startups refine their business plans and get funded are packed into this short guide. Download the FREE Guide and get tips and an outline for your Executive Summary and Investor Presentation.

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