Strategy & Planning

Do you have a terrific business plan parked on a shelf somewhere? I help solve the problems many organizations face when they have lost track of their plans, or never implemented them fully to begin with, or have allowed donors and stakeholders to move the focus away from the mission. Sometimes the market has changed but the plans haven’t.

I can help you re-energize and refocus your growth plans and strategies, and often spot missed opportunities or potential new markets. Then we’ll work together to turn these concepts into practical step-by-step tactics.

Do you have a great idea? I can help you find out if it’s really a valid business model, and if so, help you develop an achievable plan to put it into action, with a real-world approach to forecasting revenues and costs.

I help you reach your goals. Call me today.


One of my favorite jokes goes like this: A guy asks a sales manager how many sales people he has working for him. He answers “About half.”

Is your sales team exceeding – or heck, even reaching– their targets? I start by interviewing your sales people and your sales managers and find out what they think is going on. Sometimes I visit your customers to learn how they see the problems you are solving.

I help you increase income and profits. Call me today.


Do your collateral materials really tell your story?

Something about marketing, communications, sales, training

I help you communicate powerfully.  Call me today.

Presentation Skills

Are you good at presenting to an audience? I can help you develop an easy, storytelling approach to making a presentation to an audience or one-to-one.

I help you tell your story.  Call me today.


Does your company need investment or growth capital? I can develop a compelling investment package that includes an Executive Summary, forecast and pitch deck.

Does your social benefit organization have a dynamic funding stream? I can help you find the heart of your message to more fully engage donors and stakeholders.

I help you raise money.  Call me today.

Background & History

My skills were forged starting profitable new enterprises, honed by years of senior executive experience in the Fortune 100, and tempered building sustainable non-profit organizations. From self-funded high-tech startup entrepreneur to Fortune 100 executive, consultant and social benefit CEO. Read more about my background here.