Making Connections

Grew membership from 60 to 160 in less than a year, increased revenues 224%. AmCham needed help building a dynamic and effective business organization. The Tanzanian business community was growing faster than AmCham could keep up, and the business environment was unstable, largely due to arbitrary changes from the government in policy and taxation. The need for an AmCham was huge. One of the core needs was simply networking. With an engaged events team, we grew our regular networking events from a few dozen people to regularly over 100 – 150. We drew business people from all areas and backgrounds, not just Americans.

To start, their brand was flat and outdated. In short order I re-branded the agency, designed new logo and launched a dynamic, interactive website.

We needed to be more relevant. We set up an engaged group of members to work with the government on policy, and had at least one win on local content regulations. We arranged a series of workshops, breakfasts, round-table discussions, and presentations on subjects ranging from taxation, to government budget policy making, to advances mobile money and constraints in human capital.

But we needed a bigger purpose than our own self-interest to really engage the community. I led a Corporate Social Responsibility campaign to protect Tanzania’s elephant population, raising over $100,000 in the first 2 years for wildlife preservation. I produced a series of workshops for Tanzanians on how to get a job and how to create a business.

As a result, membership grew from from 60 to 160 in first 12 months, and revenues went up 224% over the prior year.